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Report of the Engineers’ Day 2017 Celebration

Harness Energy from every possible fora : Grover

NATION has to one day decide about adopting nuclear technol¬ogy as without it energy needs of country are unlikely to be met any¬time soon, as power output has to keep pace with Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We should forth¬with stop technology vs technol¬ogy debate in country and har¬ness energy from every possible fora, stated Member of Atomic Energy Commission Ravi Grover while explaining that we cannot improve the living conditions of our vast population unless our energy needs are fulfilled. As to nuclear project we need to take the call and address concerns in society as it advantages outweigh the negative effects of this tech-nology, he stated further.

Solar energy today is sought after as it is touted as non-pol¬luting and cost of production is low but little did people know about hidden costs that far out¬weigh its advantages. One major disadvantage is that solar ener¬gy cannot be stored and inter-con¬nection with grid needs balanc¬ing which is costly and then comes the replacement of photo voltic cells. Thermal power may be cheaper but release of polluting gases is a worrying fac¬tor as do the cost of transporta¬tion of coal, pointed out Grover in his keynote address at Engineer's Day function hosted by Engineers' Forum here in city on Monday.

Grover was speaking on 'Clean Energy, A Solution to the Global Warming'. The function was held at Rani Kothi, Civil Lines. It was Grover, an authority on laws gov¬erning use of nuclear fuel, further stated that the fear about radiation has clouded our minds and hence there is opposition to nuclear power projects. While average 2.4 milliwatt radiation is considered safe for humans, at some places in Kerala the radiation in atmosphere is about 10 milliwatt and in Mexico it is about 20 milliwatt and yet there is no report of any harm coming to anyone. Today technology has progressed and ways of dealing with nuclear waste, too, are improving but still Grover called for advances to prevent radiation leak in case of any nuclear mishap to increase reli¬ability of the technology.

A rough calculation state that energy need is related to GDP and at current rate our require¬ment is 8600 terawatt and we are generating around 1410 terawatt/year. By this count when year 2150 emerges then only our energy needs would be fulfilled and therefore a political call has to be taken.

Earlier, Palamwar said that thermal energy as of today does not have any alternative. Now dry cooling towers are coming to country and this would largely take care of release of polluting gases moreover reduce water requirement by nearly 90 percent. He advised engineers to focus on reduce, reuse and recycle and this is going to drive the energy mar¬kets in future.