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President of Function

Hon. Er. D. V. Dhawad
Ex-Secretary, PWD, GOM

Born on 23-04-1954 - • B.E (Civil) 1976, College of Engineering, Amravati • D.B.M.- 1979, Nagpur • M.A. Public Administration, Nagpur

Professional Experience :
• Selected as A.E.-I in 1980 through M.P.S.C. stood 1st in merit in State, Joined as A.E. in Command Roads Sub Dn. Gevrai Dist. Beed, Constructed 4 bridges across river Godavri ranging from 250 meters to 500 meters. Constructed 1 bridge cum bandhara also.

• Promoted as Executive Engineer in Nov. 1984 & worked at various divisions in Vidarbha for 9 years. During this period, he had completed various projects like bridge at Kaundanpur, Wardha bridge on Nagpur road, Airstrip at Amravati, Keshaorao Bhosale Auditorium.

• Promoted as Superintending Engineer in Feb. 93 and posted to Vigilance & Q.C. Circle, Nagpur, worked for 5 years. Undertook programme of modernization of Quality Control laboratories; setting up of Quality control laboratories at various places; computerization of office work and laboratory work etc. Written one hand-book on Training of A.Es. which is published by Govt. of Maharashtra and is available on Website of P.W.D. :

• Further during tenure as Supdt. Engineer worked on many projects in Amravati District, also achieved cost saving of Rs. 18 crores by utilising old structural steel in bridges work.

• Worked as Chief Engineer from July 2003 - July 2009.

• Promoted as Secretary to Govt. of Maharashtra in July 2009 in Public Works Department. Notable work being done as Secretary, E-tendering, 3 tier system of quality control, Introduction of "Maharashtra Road Management System - ‘‘महापथ’’ for scientific monitoring of roads. Important contribution in formulating ‘‘यशवंत ग्राम सडक योजना’’ etc.

• Retired as Secretary, Public Works Department in April, 2012.

• Developed one structure for arresting surface water in rivers and nallas called as, "Jal Bandh" which has been constructed at various places. This is very useful structure for water conservation. Recently in September 2004 University science Malaysia invited during the International Conference on managing rivers in 21st Century - Issue & challenges held at Penang, Malaysia for presenting paper on "Jalbandh"

• Formed water conservation Society at Amravati Named ‘‘जलजागृती’’ comprising of Govt. officials of various departments and some renowned persons from various fields to develop the concept of water conservation awareness in society.

Awards :
• Awarded for cost effective construction of bridges by Government of Maharshtra on Engineers Day at 2003 with a prize of Rs. 1 lakh.
• Awarded for construction of first Energy Efficient Govt. Building. (Pharmacy College Amraoti) by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency' 2006 (fast)' at Pune on 20th Dec.2007

• Member of Indian Road Congress, I.I.P.A. Bharat Krishak Samaj, Organic farmers producers forum, Amravati, Indian building congress. Indian Institute of Public transportation, etc.
• Co-Chairman of Technical Advisory Committee for Bandra-Versova Bridge in Mumbai.
• Co-Chairman of Tech. Advisory Committee for Augmentation of Mumbai-Pune Express way

Hobbies :
• Agriculture, Water conservation, Organic farming,
• Reading mostly on spiritual matters and agricultural, technical journals etc. on varied subjects like water conservation, energy conservation, Environmental conservation etc.