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Keynote 2013

Values and Work Culture for Engineers

Padmavibhushan Er. E. Sreedharan

Guest of Honour

Today, in our Country, Engineers do not have a high reputation mainly because of their poor delivery style. Cost overruns and Time overruns are a familiar feature of almost all our projects. Often,there are allegations of malpractices leading to vigilance Investigations, which in turn completely demoralise the whole Engineering fraternity ,

None of the Engineers' Forums, including The Institution of Engineers, have any statutory standing or protection. Therefore, there is no statutory authority to oversee the "Ethics & Values" of the profession. This has led to serious erosion in the quality of service rendered by the Engineers,

Konkan Railway is a 760 Km long Broad Gauge line from Mumbai to Mangaiore through one of the most difficult terrains ever encountered in the history of Railway construction. Even so, this Railway line was completed within a period of 7 years through a unique financing model. Delhi Metro today is the pride of the Country and has shown to the world that Indian Engineers are capable of planning, designing and implementing a World Class Metro. The success of Delhi Metro has triggered a metro revolution in the country .

Both these projects were executed by Government agencies. Although these two organisations being Government Bodies, have to follow Government Rules, Procedures & Guidelines and are also under the purview of Governmental watchdogs such as Comptroller & Auditor General of India (GAG), Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) and Parliamentary Committees, yet they had succeeded remarkably well in their deliveries. The success story of these two organisations is essentially on account of their Unique Work Culture & Organisational values.

The cardinal pillars of their work culture are :

  • Punctuality
  • Integrity
  • Professional Competence &
  • Social Commitment

The success story of these organisations will be an inspiration and motivation to all Engineers. The Engineering fraternity has to take a leaf out these two success stories, if Engineers have to earn a respectful position in society.