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Drawing & Essay Competitions on
"Water Conservation"

arranged as part of Engineers’ Day 2012 Celebration

Many Engineers / Concerned organisation have extended valuable help by giving suitable write ...more

Engineers' Day 2012

5th October 2012, Rani Kothi, Nagpur

Theme: New Challenges in Water Management

Guest of Honour: Padmavibhushan Madhav A. Chitale
President of Function: Er. S. D. Shinde

Report of Engineers’ Day 2012 Celebration

The Glorious Past India has had a rich history of water resources development and management. Because of the limited rainfall period in India, catering the rain and storing it in small and large reservoirs on the streams and rivers had been admired by the Indian Society as one of the most pious acts. The belief was that anybody who carries out such works has a place reserved for him in the heaven. The result was that India had been studded with millions of tanks and lakes to supply water for domestic needs and for agriculture in a dependable manner. These efforts were also supplemented by numerous wells and canals from the flowing rivulets..... more